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This website is dedicated to those who have the drive to become creative and enjoy pushing their limits of imagination.

Founded in the Summer of 2005:

Xtreme Mower Mayhem™   is a resource for the little known, but growing, subculture of garage hobbyists. The xtreme mower phenomenon is spreading across the country with websites and clubs sprouting up everywhere. This site was founded by its owner Kel in the summer of 2005. He also hosts an exciting and informative webcast, Kel's Garage.

This site is a resource for the adventurous soul who has sat and daydreamed about something more, for the person who has envisioned their mundane mower becoming quite a lot more. Perhaps as the hot afternoon sun beat down upon your head, you envisioned that little mower buzzing beneath you running at incredible speed on enormous tires with a knock out paint job. This is the Xtreme dream, bigger, better, faster.

The purpose of Xtreme Mower Mayhem is to provide knowledge and encourage the dreamer in everyone. We seek to provide the basics of small engine repair and custom mower design and encourage everyone to carry those dreams to the point of extreme or hot rod mower fabrication.

Fabrication of xtreme mowers has many benefits. The knowledge and skills acquired during the design and fabrication process goes beyond being just a creative outlet. It develops small engine repair skill, welding, knowledge of fuel mixes, appropriate materials, gear ratios, and much more. Imagine teaching your child that math and science have a practical use outside the classroom and having fun at the same time. The creative side is also developed in the production of a functional and visually appealing product.

The xtreme mower hobby is also economically and environmentally sound. Recycling mowers that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, this is a very earth-friendly hobby. Old mowers can be found in a variety of places including yard sales and junk yards. Many will be surprised at the parts they can recycle off of their own clunkers parked out in their backyard or garage. The thrill of the hunt involved in finding just the right part can often culminate in that joyous moment of getting the part very cheap and often free as someone tries to get junk out of their way.

The design and creation of a monster mower provides many families with an opportunity to bond and work collaboratively. It provides an outlet for instruction of basic mechanical skills for our children and brings out the child in us by allowing us to be creative with our children. Perhaps Dad may be a little less than enthusiastic about painting his monster mower pink, but his little girl will love him forever and cherish the memory of she and her father (or mother) creating the  “Barbie” pink mower that he used to race uncle Bobby.

Custom mowers provide opportunities for fund-raising projects and parade displays. They can even be used as an advertising strategy for a creative business owner. Races and creative design competitions encourage the would-be racer and designer in all of us to produce something new and different all the time. The entire goal of the process is to ignite imagination and ingenuity. The satisfaction of a job well done is a feeling that is a both an honor and necessity to teach our children.

Now that we’ve covered the responsible adult portion of this hobby let’s get down to the nitty gritty FUN part. Let’s face it, driving a monster mower has a thrill factor that many may not have considered. Driving your mighty beast of a mower around the yard will certainly spark curiosity from the neighbors. It takes on even more of a thrill factor as you move from the yard to the raceway. The unique design and remarkable speed provide awe and excitement as each new mower comes into sight at a race. Once these monsters are seen, the desire to design and create is contagious. The excitement and applause of spectators is almost as addictive as the thrill of sitting on one of the beasts and racing it. The feel of the power in your hands, the wind in your face, and most of all the prospect of satisfaction of making your dream come true is truly remarkable.

Xtreme mowers have been tested in many arenas including water, mud, and traditional track racing. And, for the daredevil in all of us, these monsters have been driven over cars to the thrill of the internet audience. The entire monster mower phenomenon is dynamic and its appeals cross all ages, races, and economic classes. So you are invited to visit our site, ask questions, and by all means join in the fun.


Hot Rod Toyz est 2005