Xtreme Mower Mayhem

Hot Rod Toyz: Est 2005

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Ten year old, A.R. has earned:

Shop Safety Procedures

Basic hand tool operation / clean up (Hammer,wrench,screw drivers.)

 Clean, load and operate electric sander.

 Hanging around the shop during the weekends, A.R. is able to help out and learn as much as he can.



Born in Southern Indiana in 1975. Jonny Wayne's creations has been seen on VH1, You-tube and varies internet outlets.
He started building custom riding mowers when he was 14.
"I didn't have my driving license and needed some wheels to get around the neighborhood, so I got a mower from my grandpa and started to customize it".
He has worked many jobs from Heavy Equipment operator, Welder/ Machinist, to Childcare.
From 2003 to 2008 he played Linebacker for two semi pro football teams in Green Bay, Wis. The GB Gladiators and the GB Eagles.
I love Football "GO Pack GO" and I love my Wife and Family.
Johhny Wayne co-founded Xtreme Mower Mayhem in 2005.

 Born in Manhattan, New York in 1971. He started modifying mowers with his best friend Jonny Wayne in 2005 and together formed one of the most popular mower clubs in the world. His concept and vision has helped raise money for charities. Unity of Friends for Breast Cancer Research, Wounded Warriors Project, 4-H club of Luxemburg, to name a few. He also organized participation for parades.

A sales Rep by trade for a machine shop, Kel's communication skills are needed to answer over 400 emails weekly from fans around the world.  


  Email: [email protected]

Hot Rod Toyz est 2005