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                 ~~* MONSTER  MOWERS * ~~

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2013 Monster Mower Rules :
- Must be a riding lawnmower with a minimum wheelbase of 39", front engine origin, stamped or pan style steel frame, and have a steering column located behind the motor .

- Motors may be any single-cylinder valve-in-block (flathead), overhead valve (OHV), opposed or v-twin engine under 25 horsepower in the original factory location.

- The engine must be as delivered from the factory, internally and externally, with the following exceptions: governor, air cleaner, air filter or velocity stack, open exhaust .

-All monster mowers shall have an automatic, throttle closing device .

-Must have Lanyard kill switch type. Kill switch lanyard length shall be as short as necessary to effectively stop the mower as quickly as possible. Lanyard length shall not exceed 40". This device must be commercially available for racing and/or recreational vehicles such as ATVs, jet skis snowmobiles, etc. Homemade and/or magnetic switches are not allowed .

- Transmission or trans-axle must be shiftable and of lawnmower origin . No centrifugal clutches!

- Must use axle mounted hydraulic or mechanical brakes. Throttle and brake control may be relocated .

- Maximum 30"and minimum 12" sub frame height from the lowest point of original chassis to axle .

- Front axle and steering may be modified or fabricated. Front axle may be center pinned, bolted or welded into place. Suspension allowed on front axle to help stabilize or support. All modifications and fabrications are subject to the judgment of the tech inspection . May be independent or one piece beam . Gearbox or rack & pinion type steering only

- Front spindles are to be a minimum of 1" in diameter .

- Rear axle may use open differential, locked, live or solid axle. No single wheel
drive. Minimum of 1" axle.

-. Wheels must be the same size on each axle, of any origin, but made of metal .
Duel or tandem wheels are forbidden . Minimum of 15 " diameter rim size. Minimum tire size of 32" and maximum width from outside to outside of tire of 65".



With its massive size and weight, Monster Mowers are the dream of any builder. Featuring 35-inch and larger tires, rack-n-pinion steering, and more then 12-inches of lift from the bottom of frame to the axle; Speeds could reach up to 45 M.P.H. Each builder shall put into account the geometry, weld specification, brace reinforcement, and gearing/friction calculations before building. Even though it may not seem, there are risks for injury. Caution is advised. 


There are many different roles Monster Mowers could be used for: Parades, driving off road, car crawling, racing, and even driving in water. It is endless.



 Kel's latest Monster Mower Build


Ty's Monster Mower "Swimming" 







Few are able to build and few are able to own. 

Wayne H. of Indiana


Mike O from PA

Hot Rod Toyz est 2005